The key functionality of the DR-BOB Demand Response energy management solution is based on the real-time optimisation of the local energy production, consumption and storage. The optimisation can be adjusted to maximise economic profit or to minimise CO2 emissions according to user requirements. The solution is and can adapt to fluctuations in the energy demand or production, subject to dynamic price tariffs and changing weather conditions.

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Our Video

People use electricity at the same time causing large peaks in demand. Generation and transportation capacity must meet peak demand because it is difficult to store electricity. This is expensive. In DR-BOB 10 organisations are working on a solution to this problem co-ordinated by Teesside University in the UK.

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Our Pilot Sites

The DR-BoB solution is being trialled at four demonstration sites from October 2017. The four sites have different uses, physical forms, market and climatic contexts. They include two public university campuses, one in the UK and one in Romania, a technology park in France and a hospital Block of Buildings in Italy.

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