The DRBOB Demand Response Energy Management Solution


The key functionality of the DR-BOB Demand Response energy management solution is based on the real-time optimisation of the local energy production, consumption and storage.

The optimisation will be adjusted to either maximise economic profit or to minimise CO2 emissions according to user requirements. 

The solution will be intelligent in the sense that it is automated and can adapt to fluctuations in the energy demand or production, subject to dynamic price tariffs and changing weather conditions.


Fig.1. DR-BOB DR energy management solution

Note: the red dot associated with each of the assets and subsystems demotes data that will be passed to the Evaluation & Analytics.

The DR-BOB solution will be implemented by integrating the following tools and technologies to provide an innovative scalable cloud based central management system, supported by a local real-time energy management solution which communicates with individual building management systems and generation / storage solutions within a block-of-buildings.

The configuration of the DR-BOB energy management solution will allow energy management companies to provide varying levels of control from the centralised macro-view, through to localised complete control of the energy systems at the building level, the micro-view.

The solution will utilise existing standards such as IEC60870-5-104 and OpenADR, and an architecture that will enable new adaptors to be added to support new standards in the future. These standards allow access to most generation, storage and load assets.  It is expected that any new interfaces between the platform and the ESCO could form the basis for new standards.

In combination, DR-BOB solution will provide open connectivity to both SCADA/utility communications and customer side AMIs. The decentralised approach – allowing both supply side and demand response to be hierarchically optimised between blocks of buildings and other infrastructures, with automatic distribution of results via building management systems – removes some of the burden and alleviates the complexities involved in individual customer or resident participation.

Take a look at the DR-BOB visualisation tool by clicking the picture below