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Fondazione Poliambulanza

Fondazione Poliambulanza Hospital is a private not for profit hospital located in Brescia, in Northern Italy. It is a multi-specialty, acute care and surgery focused hospital, also engaged in emergency care.

Fondazione Poliambulanza Hospital occupies an area of approximately nine hectares, on which are located 4 buildings, a technical building for power generation and distribution and four car parks.

The total net floor area of the buildings is 60,000 m2. The hospital employs 1,822 people and more than 560,000 patients are admitted every year.

The energy used in the Hospital comes from different sources, such as electric energy, district heating, natural gas and photovoltaic energy produced by solar panels. Fondazione Poliambulanza is seeking to reduce energy consumption by adopting new strategies in energy purchase and management and investing in high efficiency installations. 

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