DRBOB at Sustainable Places 2016

The DRBOB project contributed to the 2016 edition of Sustainable Places, Anglet 29th June to 1st July, the international event organised by CSTB, CEA and Sigma, focused on the energy efficiency at building, district and city levels.

Tracey Crosbie, Nashwan Dawood (Teesside University), Regis Decorme (CSTB), Pascale Brassier, Igor Perevozchikoc (Nobatek) Federico Noris and Thomas Messervey (R2M) attended the event.

DRBOB work was presented through 1 presentation:

  • “Demand Response in Blocks of Buildings: Opportunities and Requirements” Tracey Crosbie (Teesside University, UK);

A workshop was also presented on the DRBOB work, this was organised alongside sister projects, including CITYOPT, E2-DISTRICT, SIM4BLOCKS, STORY.

“Quantifying the business value of demand response: initiatives for energy suppliers & DSOs”, Tracey Crosbie (Teesside University, UK).

The sustainable Places 2016 conference booklet includes an abstract of all contributions.

Website available here