DR BOB Paper Presented at SMARTGIFT 2016

Tracey Crosbie from Teesside University presented a paper based on the ongoing work in the DRBOB project at the SMARTGIFT (Smart Grid Inspired Future Technologies) international conference 2016 in Liverpool, England, on the 19th – 20th May 2016. This conference focussed on the numerous issues related to smart grid data sensing including: data processing and data communication, high-level ideology/methodology, concrete smart grid inspired data sensing/processing/networking technologies and smart grid system architecture.

The authors of the paper presented at the conference are Tracey Crosbie, Vladimir Vukovic, Michael Short, Nashwan Dawood from Teesside University and Richard Charlesworth and Paul Brodrick from Siemens. The paper has the following title:

  • Future demand response services for blocks of buildings

The presentation can be found here

Further information about the event at: http://smartgiftconf.org/2016/show/home